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Mother Daughter Duo, Founders of Jonima Apparel

About Jonima

What does  Jonima mean ?

Jonima (Jo-nee-ma) is a Persian word originally, which was assimilated into the Judean-Persian regional dialect spoken by the Bukharian (Boo-har-e-in) Jewish community of Uzbekistan in Central Asia. The Bukharian Jewish community is part of the wider Sephardic Jewish cultural tradition, and it traces its history all the way back to traders from the ancient Northern Kingdom of Israel who travelled in the region of what is now Uzbekistan as early as the 900's BCE, and some of these Ancient Israelites would ultimately settle in the region on a permanent basis, following the Northern Kingdom of Israel's absorbtion into the Assyrian Empire circa 722 BCE.

When translated to English, much like Mi Corazon or Mon Amour, Jonima  means "My Love".

What does Judean culture have to do with athleasure ?

Meet out founders Bella Musheyev and her co-partner who is also her daughter Michelle Hurtin. Bella and Michelle identify as part of the Bukharian Jewish Community.

​Bella immigrated from Uzbekistan when it was still part of the Soviet Union, all the way to Brooklyn, NY, at the age of 16 with her family. Since coming to the USA , Bella has had endles opportunities which she has taken advantage of, including studying fashion design at PRATT University. Fast forward to February 22nd, 2002, which was the day of the biggest blessing of Bella's life, the birth of her daughter Michelle, Bella's own Jonima, which has become a nickname Bella has for her daughter to this day.


Raising Michelle as a single mom was difficult, but Bella has never yet met a challlenge that she could not rise to overcome.​ Michelle grew up to love fashion just like her mother and ended up studying advertising, marketing and communications at both the High School of Fashion Industries and the Fashion Institute of Technology. 

​Together, this mother daughter duo knew they could do great things with their knowledge and passion. Thus was formed...  Jonima Apparel! Jonima Apparel is a brand of the B & M Creative Apparel Corporation, where "B" stands for "Bella" and "M" stands for "Michelle".

Women's Leisure Wear
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